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Visual Proposition, retail webinar

In a competitive world that keeps evolving, how do you continuously stay afloat?

What would you do to look fresh time and time again?

What makes your business relevant to your customers?

How do you intrigue them with captivating presentations?

How do you engage them?


When you join this webinar, you get a glimpse of how creativity can fuel innovation for positive impressions.

Would you like to be cued in on trends and adapt them to your business?


Are you waiting for things to happen when you reach a stalemate?

When things start to wane, an injection of new ideas is needed.

It can be challenging if you do not have a background in styling or design.


Instead of an impasse, come to the webinar to see how choice retailers play to their audience’s needs.


Imagine, with just one idea, you can spark a whole new campaign.

A few more can open doors.

Standing still and letting the world whizz by won’t help you.

What are you missing out on?

Come to the webinar to find out.


Who is this for?

· Just about anyone who is keen to develop an eye for creativity.

· Highly recommended for retailers, big and small.


Enlist your ops, sales, and marketing teams for this webinar to learn and grow together.


What are the gainful takeaways?

· Explore new shops not seen for a new twist to traditional concepts

· Exercise creativity with limited budget

· Tell your story through marketing themes

· Make the customer journey an enjoyable and memorable experience

· Support sustainable practices in visual merchandise presentation

· Leverage on visuals and moving pictures to influence buying decisions


When is this happening?

Date: 9 May 2024 (Thu)

Time: 7pm – 8pm (SGT)

Venue: Virtual (Zoom)


This webinar has been curated for you by industry practitioners to interpret and translate the visual merchandising concepts, making it simple for you to adapt to your business.
Upskill with techniques in content creation for social media.