Upcoming Webinars and Workshops

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MetaCircle International presents a plethora of workshops for both corporate clients and individuals. These workshops range from soft skills to professional and personal development to enhancing creativity.
The workshops can be tailored to your learning needs with customisation of programmes.

Speak with us to co-create an exciting learning journey.

Current and Upcoming Webinars and Workshops

Check out our EVENTBRITE page for coming and workshops-on-sale.
Alternatively, contact us atenquiry@metacircleinternational.comfor more details on these upcoming events:

  • Style.Shoot.Sell (Virtual Edition)
  • Ladies Power Hour
  • Curating an Engaging Virtual Session
  • Video Greetings
  • Power-up Messages in Short Video Clips
  • Visual Stories for Content Creation – Part 1 Street Scenes
  • Power-up Messages in Short Video Clips
  • Unleash Creativity
  • Accelerated Growth through Collaborative Partnership

Successful past events and workshops include:

  • Effective Visual Merchandising for Lifestyle Pop-Up Stores
  • Windows to the World (Visual Merchandising)
  • Floral Chocolate Blooms (Floristry)
  • Floral Globe Natural (Floristry)
  • Rose Garden in Spring (Floristry)
  • Metamorphosis 21
  • Personal Branding for Success
  • Break the Ice
  • Building Rapport
  • Colour My World
  • Clothes for Your Body Shape
  • Styling with Accessories
  • Service Culture Workshop
  • Telephone Technics

Collaborative events and workshops with industry partners:

  • Creating an Engaging Workshop on the Virtual Platform
  • Style-Shoot-Sell: Product Styling with Smartphone Photography
  • Creative Mobile Photography (Portraiture)
  • Understand Digital Trends
  • Retail Reboot: Be Service Ready
  • Dance for Sick Kids (Charity Event)
  • Visual Merchandising: Windows of Opportunities
  • Windows to Asia
  • Marketing Communications and Store Display
  • Visual Merchandising Toolkit

Workshop Highlights

Colour My World

Colours can add that magic touch to your everyday living. Looking around, you can see colours everywhere. Imagine how living in a world of black and white with shades of grey would be like. It’s dull, isn’t it?

In “Colour Your World” you will delve into the world of colours and have a grip of how colours play an important part in your life. Colours can add a breath of fresh air and that much needed zing. In this workshop, you will understand the colour theory concepts and the application of colours.

The hands-on session will give you a chance to explore colours and get into a therapeutic session of colour play using basic colouring art techniques. The exercise can be quite a stress reliever.

For workshop details, enquire at enquiry@metacircleinternational.com


Positive Connections

“No man is an island,” reminds us that getting on in this world is easier if we can get along with other people and help each other out. Help normally requires some kind of rapport or bond. Connectivity is a skill that can be learned to get you a better understanding of people and how to associate with them. Everyone has the capacity to be a connector. Having the right skill set will see you through building on the needed affinity in this competitive and fast paced 24/7 world we live in, creating a win-win situation. If you really want to get ahead and have an edge with people, this is where to start. It helps to open doors.

How does Positive Connections help me?

  • Increase confidence in relating with people
  • Build strong relationships
  • Network with positive link ups
  • Get through interviews
  • Open and close a sale

Connect instantly with minimum effort  

For workshop details, enquire at enquiry@metacircleinternational.com


Style, Shoot, Sell: Creative Styling +Captivating Phonetography for Social Media

Selling product and services online? Want to increase your success rate? Have visual for content creation?

Let us share with you on some trade secrets that can propel you forward with visual storytelling through two synergistic components of creative styling and captivating photography to get you likes, followers and buyers, a boost to the business. Pictures convey messages, connect with people, are worth more than a thousand words.


Creative Visual Merchandising for Lifestyle Outlets

Retailing has evolved in this digital economy. The physical presence of an outlet aligning online and offline retail formats becomes crucial in today’s competitive market. This workshop provides an overview of the retail scene and how retailers both on the brick and click platforms can take advantage to showcase their products and services.

There is also a paradigm shift to trending pop-up events. Staging an outlet in an allotted space can be daunting with many challenges. It requires careful execution to champion the brand with an upward spike in sales.

This capsule workshop adopts an accelerated approach to effectively equip you with the essentials for a creative visual presentation of your products and services, stand out from the crowd, entice customers and enhance the shopping experience with retail storytelling. The experiential activities where you will explore several elements and principles of display design to apply directly to your business.

Chocolate Floral Bouquet Workshop

Join us for a 2-hour fun workshop presenting chocolates arranged in various forms from a single stalk to a posy to a small bouquet. Learn the tips and tricks of crafting these chocolate posies. Experience the use of different materials and acquire new skills with various presentation techniques.

Draw inspiration from this workshop and you can proudly create these gifts for special occasions from birthdays to celebratory events, . Receivers of such gifts are often in awe when presented with such lovey arranged edible chocolate blooms.

Classes are held conveniently at inner surburbs around Melbourne CBD or in Singapore. .For workshop details, enquire at enquiry@metacircleinternational.com