Date and time

Wed, April 26, 2023
2:00 PM – 8:30 PM 


Lifelong Learning Institute
11 Eunos Road 8 Singapore, 408601


“Personal Marketing” is today’s BUZZ Word to keep you at the top of your game, to significantly exert your professional influence and presence. It can accelerate your professional growth.

Do you feel that you:

  • Have difficulties connecting with people?
  • Missed opportunities when you shy away from networking?
  • Share pictures of yourself on social media that do no justice to your credibility?
  • Run out of ideas for professional self-promotion?
  • Are uncertain how to present yourself in the workplace?

Personal Branding, a part of Personal Marketing, is more than image or styling. It covers a number of areas that will help you grow and stand out by:

  • Creating a distinct visual personal brand in the marketplace.
  • Impacting your sphere of influence professionally and personally.
  • Equipping yourself with ready tools to excel in every aspect of your life.
  • Networking with confidence in a friendly and professional way.


Key Learning Points

Workshop 1: Professional Selfies


How do you take selfies that are professional? How can you ensure quality images are worthy for work and social media like LinkedIn?

This Professional Selfie Workshop covers the following exciting content:

  • Style the look you want for your stories.
  • Do creative shots to stand out from the crowd.
  • Learn key techniques in mobile photography.
  • Edit the final image for uploading.
  • Discover angles and lighting to look better in photos.
  • Create professional selfies for portfolio, profiled write-ups, and content creation.

Experience hands-on activities with industry practitioners. Meet Della, the creative consultant who will share ways to help you project your personal brand through styled images. Let Kok Wai, a pro photographer, guide you through the fundamentals to shoot with best angles and lighting. It is highly recommended that you come with a friend to enjoy the workshop.

Bonus 1: Fun as it is, we will prep you before the workshop. We are serious about getting you there.

Bigger Bonus: Lucky participants will get to use the professionally lit photo booth for your selfie

Time: 2.00pm – 4.00pm


Workshop 2: Effective Networking Techniques

Part 2A: Business & Career Networking

Giants of the business world agree on one thing – networking is not a luxury but a necessity. If academic qualifications are what get you a foot through the door, then networking is the skill that keeps the door wide open. There is a science and art to networking. It is imperative for business owners and marketing professionals who want to network more effectively to be better skilled in networking.

A Master In Networking will take you through these fundamentals and time-tested strategies:

  • Myths & Benefits of Networking
  • Making Preparations Before Networking Events
  • Navigating At The Event – Meet & Greet, Meaningful Conversations
  • Be Aware of Networking Turn-Offs
  • Post-Event & Follow-Up
  • Updated social currency in Business and Career Networking

Whether you are new to networking or a seasoned networker, you can continue to sharpen your networking skills with Mervin Yeo who will impart techniques to network effectively.


Part 2B: Build Instant Rapport

Are you able to connect with people instantly? How do you create an impact when you meet some one new? What do you do to ensure rapport is built within those precious minutes? In the Build Instant Rapport Workshop, you stand to gain when you:

  • Apply connectivity sensory principles.
  • Step-up rapport with just about anyone.
  • Use practice sessions to for accelerated skill transferability.

This is the workshop for you when you are unsure or need a refresher in connectivity. Facilitated by Della, a Life Coach who specialises in Empowering Communication Skills, the session will immerse you with practical tips in experiential activities to reinforce the learning with immediate outcomes.


Workshops 2A and 2B are conducted together for a holistic experience.

Time for Part 2A & 2B: 4.30pm – 6.00pm


Event 3: Converse & Connect Network Event

After discovering essentials of personal marketing, this is the time to put your learning to the test.

  • Meet executives and professionals from diverse industries.
  • Expand your network with worthwhile connections.
  • Relaxed conversations in an introvert-friendly environment.

Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm


Learning Festival Benefits

At the end of these workshops and networking opportunities, you will accelerate your growth by:

  • Leveraging on your storytelling with selfies done at a professional level.
  • Converse with confidence and ease when interacting with both new and familiar people.
  • Building rapport instantly as a bridge for connectivity.
  • Widening your network circle to accelerate your growth.
  • Accessing follow-up sessions to chart your progress
  • Being part of a larger community for knowledge exchange and personal development.

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Pick any one of these workshops to match your objectives. Even better, attend all the workshops to gain holistically and to set you apart from the crowd. Workshops 1 and 2 when facilitated as a package will give you the best combination of personal marketing basics where brand awareness precedes leads.


Register for the 2 workshops to enjoy a complimentary ticket to the Converse & Connect Network Event.