Webinar Series Evolving Retail Trends

How does retail look like post COVID-19 ?
Do we wait out or do we push the frontier?

Compressed 60min Zoom Webinar

Thursday, Nov 12 (Session Over)
Friday, Nov 20
(4pm – 5pm Singapore Time)

Online Via Zoom
(On your mobile, tablet or desktop)

What is this about?

2020 has been a big surprise for everyone with accelerated change due to the pandemic and the retail sector has not been spared.

Disruption became real and re-tooling a necessity.

O2O was the way to go. How has Covid-19 impacted retailers and what are the trends, driving forces that emerge?

Come for this webinar to clue in on the change curve, to be prepared to adapt and embrace the new normal.

Tickets @ $29 on sale now.