Upcoming workshops

Mon, 28 Aug 2023 19:00 – Thu, 19 Oct 2023 16:30
Zoom and Onsite. Various Locations

Collab Team 5th Year Celebration

How would you like to expand your creative quotient?
Let us co-create your learning and growth journey.

We have curated five events:


1. Walk and Discover

Quick photo hacks to elevate your photo experiences.
Date: 19 Sep 2023, 2.30-4pm
Venue: Marina One, West Tower

Is SG really a boring place for locals? Besides the touristy spots, are there hidden gems that are IG-worthy? Quick photo hacks to elevate your photo experiences at the next curated tourist-free location!

Come style your selfie and take some nice scenes that are social media worthy. Get great tips from industry practitioners. It’s an enjoyable walkabout, fun-work-session with your mobile phone whilst casual networking, a breather from your workstation.


2. Explore Ideation

How to churn out ideas for content creation, workshops to support your stories.
Date: 5 Oct 2023. 2.30-4.30pm
Online Zoom

What happens when you are in a rut with no new ideas?
Do you wish to get new and refreshing ones?
Ideation is a powerful process that drives creativity, innovation, and problem-solving.
Discover how visuals, insights and knowledge can give you the edge for content creation, and business breakthroughs.
Explore with us how fast you can come up with ideas within 60sec.
Want to know how to manage the iterative process with spin-offs, add a twist to your narrative or re-purpose your content?
As industry practitioners, we will share some key tools you can use to get started.
Many people are amazed with the stories we put out and found them interesting.

Apply creative thinking for ideation.


3. Enjoy Photo Play

Experiment with non-traditional photo shoots in styling your visual compositions.
Date: 26 Sep 2023. 2.30-4pm
Venue: Capital Spring

Are your pictures looking bland and predictable?
How would you like to inject some disruptive elements?
Add a surprise to jolt the ordinary. Break the rhythm.
Make your visual stories interesting. Eye catching, too.
Engage in fun portrait photography as we explore non-traditional angles and styles.
Rediscover extended-used features on your smartphone.
Refresh your photo taking to the next level.
As creative professionals, we are often on the move with innovative ideas.
Come enjoy photo play with some experimentation.


4. Amplify Your Personal Brand with Professional Selfies

Stand out from the crowd with impressionable quality selfies for your personal brand.
Date: 15 Sept 2023. 2.00-4.30pm
Venue: (TBC)

How do your selfies look?
Are you able to present yourself aligned to your personal brand?
How can you create different images to suit various purposes?
Quality images can make a big difference to your brand positioning and increase your trustworthiness.
Anyone can look good with the latest mobile.
What separates the ‘meh’ from the ‘wow’ is the understanding of lighting and angles, and some editing.
Learn these 3 and your selfies are ready for the world!
Join a fun and hands-on workshop filled with easy steps that will get you going.
A creative stylist and a pro photographer will be at hand to guide you create two looks, professional and casual.
At the end of the session, you come up with a quality professional selfie.


5. 60-sec Elevator Speech Video Clips

Get your short clips going with basic techniques in Styling, Camera, Lights, Sound, Lines, Speaking, Editing.
New Date: 3 Oct 2023. 7 -9pm
Online Zoom.

Intimidated with the camera when shooting videos?
Not sure what to do and say?
Camera shy or freeze when the shoot starts?
What if all this can be overcome?
Jump in for Styling, Camera, Lights, Sound, Lines, Speaking, Editing… We know, video shoots can be intimidating for many.
We’ll help you with simple but practical hacks that help you kick start your very first 60-sec video, featuring you!
Once the basics are there, you are ready to step up for reels beyond 60 seconds.
These can be used for eGreetings, elevator speech, social media from FB to TikTok to IG to LinkedIn.
As industry practitioners, we will be there to help you lay the foundation and enjoy the session in creating your clips.


Take Note

Always provide the email address that you check daily as it’ll be the only way we can update you.
Do ensure you bring along your power bank, just in case.
Can’t wait to see you. Soon.