The key fundamentals of MetaCircle’s training are relevance and applicability. We are committed to providing training that is relevant to the business environment. Each course has been designed to help our clients enhance their skills and knowledge with increased competency or overcome any performance gaps that they may experience. Besides our menu of select courses, we provide customized training to meet your unique corporate needs.  

Being a boutique training firm allows us the flexibility of making special arrangements to conduct follow-up sessions to help participants apply the concepts to their work and lives. Many of our corporate clients have opted to include these follow-up sessions to ensure positive returns on the time and investment in the training. At the request of a number of our clients, we have designed packages that include executive or personal coaching after the training sessions.

As part of the coaching track with the International Society of Neuro-Semantics, we offer a 2-part module: Coaching Essentials and Accessing Personal Genius that lead to the accreditation of being a coach in part 3 Coaching Mastery III (The Coaching Bootcamp).

Bite size workshops have been designed for professional and personal development from retail concepts to visual merchandising to fashion styling to product styling to communication skills have been well received. The creativity series of Happy Hands Happy Crafts has seen many participants develop their skills in various areas drawing inspiration from Colour Appreciation, Floral Arrangements, Chocolate Floral Bouquets, just to name a few. Many past participants have repeatedly returned to our classes as they have enjoyed and benefited much.

Using top-notch techniques for accelerated learning, participants take away skills and knowledge that increase their competency at work and enrich their personal lives. All our courses are carefully designed with curated content and constantly updated to keep them current and relevant.

Training Modules:

  • Coaching Essentials
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Lead to succeed
  • On Target Performance Management
  • Servicescape: Service Championship
  • Profiling Customers
  • Metamorphasis - A Transformation
  • The PositiveEdge
  • Effective Visual Merchandising for Pop-Up Events
  • Product Styling and Phonetography
  • Happy Hands, Happy Crafts
    • Colour Your World
    • Chocolate Floral Bouquets
    • Creative Floral Arrangement
    • Get Going with Bullet Journaling
    • Easy BookBinding for Beginers
    • Create Gift Packages with Recyclables and Scraps